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You’re about to learn about the world’s best exercise and workout routine, and how to use it to guarantee results.

Let’s see some hands up if you’ve ever decided it’s time to lose weight or get fitter and just wanted to know the BEST way to get there?

I’m pretty sure that’s every single one of us every single time, isn’t it?

And I say every time because we’ve all been there more than once, too, haven’t we?

This Cycle Sucks

Before we get into what the best way to work out actually is, I just wanted to take a minute to address the fact that managing your weight often feels like you’re stuck in a cycle.

That cycle looks a little like this: first, we’re prompted to make changes because something happened that horrified or scared us. We saw our first post-lockdown photograph and realised we’d let ourselves go a little more than we thought, we tried to get our jeans on for the first time in 4 months and popped the button off, or maybe you had a doctor’s appointment and found out you’re pre-diabetic.

Whatever it is, it drives us to take action. Then, we have to decide what that action is. We know what worked in the past. Maybe it was Slimming World, or Weight Watchers, or cutting carbs alongside some running, hitting the gym or just walking more.

So next, we get back to doing what worked before. And it works, just like before. Until it doesn’t, just like before. We let our workouts slide, we slide back to our old eating habits, and we definitely don’t slide into those new jeans we bought anymore.

This cycle sucks. But there are ways out.

Does Your Plan Really “Work”?

You’ve probably heard a thousand times before that your mindset is the key to long-term change. For me, one of the keys to escaping this cycle is exactly that: a shift in your mindset.

We need to redefine what it means for something to “work”.

For most of us, if something “works”, that means it gets results.

For me, if something “works” that means it gets results that stick around.

Any diet can work. You just have to get into a calorie deficit. I could put you on the detox phase of something like Juice Plus where you’re only consuming 1000 calories and you’d definitely lose weight.

But that weight often comes right back on when you start eating “normally” again.

So did that plan really work? If you gained the weight back pretty shortly after losing it?

I don’t think it does.

To me, something only works if it gets results, AND it’s easy enough to follow for basically the rest of your life.

It only works if it gets results that LAST.

That’s the key.

So if you’re feeling a bit sheepish right now because you know you tend to follow the same plan and routine every time you start the cycle over, maybe it’s time to use that key to unlock the door to the next stage of escaping that cycle.

Shift your mindset. Change your definition of what works. If you have to keep starting the same thing over and over again, maybe that doesn’t actually work for you and it’s time to do things differently.

That being said, doing things differently doesn’t necessarily mean going from carnivore to vegan. You don’t have to do a full 180.

You probably just to make a few little tweaks in the right places to make those results start lasting a lifetime.

Luckily, you’re about to learn the principle behind the world’s greatest exercise and workout routine.

This principle guarantees good results and makes them 100 times more likely to last.

The World’s Best Exercise & Workout Routine

So what is the world’s greatest exercise and workout routine?

Well, it’s performed a few times per week, so make sure you make the time and schedule it in. Otherwise, it’s useless to you because then you won’t do it. Exercise hardly ever happens if we don’t block out time for it.

Another thing you need to know is that you might need some particular bits of kit. You know, the right clothes, the right shoes, that kind of thing. But it’s not always necessary.

Oh and one last thing, I know you’re going to love it so don’t worry, it’s not going to be one of those things that works you so hard it makes you puke in order to be effective. Unless you’re into that.


Okay, I’m going to blow your mind with this because it’s really simple.

The world’s best exercise, and workout routine, is…

Something you find really fun.

That’s actually it. I’m not just still describing it.

The world’s best exercise is something you find really fun.

What, did you think I was going to describe and outline some kind of 5 day a week, cross-training, resistance-cardio-interval hybrid routine meticulously designed by expert physiologoists and refined on high-level athletes?


Because you’d probably hate whatever that thing is, and therefore never do it.

Which means that would actually be the worst exercise routine in the world for you because it wouldn’t get ANY results. Because you didn’t do it.

The best type of exercise is the one you enjoy doing the most. The workout routine that gets the best results is the one that’s the most fun for you.

Because that’s the one you’ll keep doing.

You might have heard the phrase that the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.

That means that the worst workout routine is the one you NEVER do!

It doesn’t matter if a workout is “techinically” more effective than what you’d prefer to do.

If you don’t do it because you dread it, it’s effectiveness is zero.

If your goal is just to generally be more active, to move more, to keep yourself supple, slim and energetic as you get older, all you need to do is move. And keep moving, in whatever way you can.

The best way to keep moving is to move in a way that’s fun for you. To do something you look forward to doing, something that gets you excited for your next session, something you can actually see yourself doing for the rest of your life.

Get Adventurous

A few years ago I went to New York for a calisthenics course. Calisthenics by the way is a type of exercise that focuses on building strength by using only your bodyweight. Progressing towards things like Muscle-ups, Handstand Push-ups, Single Leg Squats, all that cool stuff.

Anyway, I found out there was a Swing Dancing Class happening in a little place not too far from Madison Square Garden while I was there. And me being me I thought hey, that sounds fun, let’s give it a go.

So I got myself on the subway, luckily it was crazy-person free, had a wander around the streets of New York for a little bit until I eventually found the place.

I’ll be honest, I was a bit shy. I didn’t actually dance as much as I’d have really liked to. But what I did notice was the average age of the people there. There was the odd younger person, of course, but the majority of the people there were at least in their 60’s or older.

And they were dancing circles around me. It was amazing.

They were having a blast. This was obviously something they’d been doing for years and kept coming back to every week because of how much they loved it. Maybe it made them feel young and reminded them of their younger days, spinning around the dance halls of their day.

Whatever it was, it was fantastic to see. Don’t you love it when you see older people out there doing whatever kind of exercise? Whether it’s swing dancing, cycling, swimming, or anything. You think to yourself, “Wow, I hope I’m like that when I’m older. Still staying active and being in shape like that.”

The thing is: you absolutely can. And getting there starts right now.

All you need to do is find something you love. Back in podcast episode 7 with Allan Reid (AND YOU CAN GET A LINK TO THAT EPISODE IN THE SHOW NOTES), we talked about exactly this. Allan talked about how something he loves is getting out on the water on his bodyboard. Yeah, Allan’s a studio cycling instructor so that definitely keeps him super active right now – but you can bet he’ll still be out on the water when he’s 60.

A really important thing to note from those two examples is that neither of them were in the gym. It’s very rare that the thing we love actually is the gym. For most of us, and I say this all the time, the gym should just be a place we go to get stronger and better able to do that thing we love.

Think about pole dancing, or pole fitness, whatever you want to call it. That’s had a huge rise in popularity lately, and you definitely need a good amount of upper body strength to move yourself around that pole. That’s where the gym comes in useful to make you stronger for your pole dancing, the thing you ACTUALLY enjoy.

Or maybe you’ve gotten into indoor climbing, you can bet getting into the gym to work on pull-ups and some yoga classes will massively boost your ability to scale those walls.

Start thinking outside the gym to find that thing you love. And think outside of running and cycling, too. They’re all the go-to’s because we’ve all done them before. But if you haven’t done them for years, you’re probably just not that into them and you’ll just “fall off the wagon” if you just take the same things up again.

The best exercise is the one you love. That’s the thing you’ll keep doing for the rest of your days and you’ll look forward to every session.

It’ll keep you active, keep you in shape, keep you supple and strong as you get older, and help you GET in shape right now.

It’s going to take some time to find out what it is, but that time will pass whether you spend it trying to find something you love or spend it repeating the same old boring things.

So, you might as well spend it finding something you love.

Family Fitness Is The Best Kind Of Fitness

One last example: I had a client, Peter, back in Manchester a few years ago who came to me because his doctor said he needed to. Peter told me from our very first meeting that he hated the gym. He didn’t enjoy it, he didn’t like lifting weights or cardio, but he was doing it because he had to. He wanted to see his little girl grow up, and if he didn’t get his act together, that wouldn’t happen because he wouldn’t be here anymore.

His purpose, his why was huge. He turned up to every session, he did what I asked him to do in the gym, but we never seemed to make much progress. His eating was never quite on track, and he didn’t do anything outside of our sessions.

Our working relationship only lasted a few months. But just before we parted ways Peter started going to karate classes with his daughter, and he always talked about them in our sessions. He loved them.

And he’s still doing it now. He still sends me yearly updates when he gets a new belt. And as his karate belts are moving up, his other belts are coming down. Every time.

Peter found something he loves, and not only that, it’s something he gets to do with his daughter. That’s even better.

We often feel like we have to juggle our kids and our exercise. Like we have to deal with one and then the other.

Why not do both? Why not exercise with your kids? Join a karate class with them, take them climbing, go for bike rides together.

You’ll get your exercise in, they’ll grow up as active kids to be active adult and not have to go through this same process that you are right now and you’ll create tons of amazing memories and come closer and closer as a family.

Just a few more reasons why the world’s best exercise is the one you love.

So get out there, try new things, get yourself to some classes you’ve always wanted to try but never got round to and explore the whole world of exercise, movement, and fitness. Don’t just restrict yourself to the gym.

To give you a couple more ideas from my own life, a few years back I got really into parkour classes down at a centre near me, just last week I decided I’m going to finally get on a skateboard and have a proper go at it, and when I move to Northern Ireland later this year I’m going to be taking a paddleboarding because it looks super fun and really relaxing.

Share Your Story

What are you going to try next? Or maybe you’ve already found the exercise you love. Have you joined a CrossFit gym in recent years or jumped into trampolining? Maybe you’ve found relaxation and strength through yoga or Tai Chi?

Let us know in the comments below!

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