Introducing The Nutri-iQ SMART Plan

The Nutri-iQ SMART Plan is the easiest way to build your perfect meal plan.

Counting calories is a pain. And trying to work out how to make meals out of those calories is even worse.

So we’ve made it easy – and delicious.

After telling us a little bit about you, your goals, and your food preferences, you’ll receive a personalised meal plan and recipe book that’s full of recipes we know you’ll love, that are all portione-sized to get you closer to your goals.

All you have to do is get in the kitchen.

And if you find yourself stuck at work one day because you forgot your lunch…

Don’t worry.

The plan is adaptable. All you need to do is nip to the shop or whatever’s handy and find something (ANYTHING) that fits the calorie goal your lunch was going to be.

That might be a 200g tub of yoghurt and a KitKat, or a bag of salad with some cooked chicken.

As long as it fits, you can do what you want!

Some people call it flexible dieting. We just think it’s the SMART way to do things.

The SMART Plan online app will be launching soon.

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